It’s 2012, already?! whoa.

January 14, 2012

Hello friends. 

It has been aWHILE. Sorry about that. So much has happened since I last posted. To sum up:

I did NOT do P90X in the fall of ’10, as I proposed. After attempting one core workout, I realized that it would be unwise to continue such an intense program w/o talking to a doctor – I feared my heart might a’splode. So I did not continue on. 

In 2011, I: 

-directed my first musical, Seussical Jr, for a middle school outside of Philly. It may have taken a few years off of my life, but the performance weekend was SO worth it. The show was everything I had hoped it would be (and let’s be honest, how often does THAT happen?) and I love the kids I got to work with, even tho they often drove me crazy. 

-determined that I was not and was unlikely to become happy in Philly (so I left). 

-worked at home in Garrett County for the month of June. 

-taught theatre camp in Philly and Rehoboth Beach for July/August, while living in a pretty sweet condo, with an insane and potentially dangerous German Shepherd (stressful!), a cat who ate anything left on the counter (including any kind of baked good), and two actors who were working for the same co. I was. (The wacky animals were theirs. I will leave my description at that.)

– lived in Zimbabwe from mid-September to mid-November, on a farm. I worked with missionary friends of mine, and took many walks with a dog (who I love), and worked in schools (on literacy & English/Theatre). During the last two weeks, 2 friends of mine from the States joined me and we did art w/ grades 0-6 in 3 rural primary schools in the area. You can read more about that at :>) and like our facebook page, too! Just look up Green Island Arts Project. (sorry, I’m no good at adding links and things)

– went to Italy on vacation for 10 days “on my way” home from Africa. 5 days in Rome, 1 in Florence, 3 in Venice. It has long been one of my life goals to get to Venice before my 26th birthday, which was 2 days after Thanksgiving – yeep! I only made it by a few days, but I made it!!! :>D It felt pretty awesome to make that happen, and the blessings just rained down while I was in Venice. It is a strange and wonderful place, unlike anywhere else, and I loved it. I could never live there, but visiting was wunderbar. Rome, however, I could live in, methinks. Really enjoyed it. Florence was not my fav, but was fun enough. And The David lives up to all the hype, lemme tell ya! And it is HUGE. I had been told, but WHOA. You can’t understand until you see the real thing in person. 

– post-Italy, I headed back to GC for Thanksgiving with the whole fam at the ‘rents, and stayed in GC for most of the rest of December. Activities included: playing a nurse for a photo shoot for a medical textbook, dinner w/ friends at my fav restaurant in Philly (P.Y.T, baby!), an audition in Pittsburgh for an Irish & Classical theatre, a job interview in NYC that (no joke) involved coloring with 3 year olds (didn’t get the job. srsly.), getting rejected from an apartment in NYC because I’m a singer (again, srsly?!), swimming a fast half mile at the new and B.E.A.U-tiful pool in GC after training for a few weeks, and catching up on a LOT of missed fall television online, haha. 

And now it is 2012. (what?! Marty McFly is gonna here soon!!!) Last week, I moved into an apartment in NYC – which was a physical feat in itself, since I now live on the 5th floor of a walk-up. No elevators for this kid! But boy, my ankles/calves/butt are gonna be awesome soon! ;>) I haven’t lived here since 2009 and I am excited to be among friends again and get auditioning, etc. 

AND I really did start P90X this time! I’m on Day 5. I’m doing the Lean program, not the classic. So far, I actually like it a lot – except for yoga x. The only yoga I have ever really enjoyed doing is Suzanne Deason’s PM Yoga for Weight Loss routine (which I had on VHS and now have on DVD – again, it’s 2012 ;>). I just tend to find yoga boring and difficult and it tends to stress me out. I think it’s partly that I don’t like the vinyasa style, and that’s a lot of what Tony Horton does in his Yoga X routine. So we’ll see how I feel about it next week. When I did it yesterday, I only got thru about half an hour before I gave up. I totally lacked will to do it, for some reason, and felt very aggravated by it, and – to be perfectly honest – I spent a good bit of that first half an hr standing over my computer, scowling, with my hands on my hips (and by hips, I mean waist. and by waist, …I mean ribcage. if you know me well, you know the stance ;>). Anyhoot. Better luck (and willpower!) next week w/ the yoga.

The other workouts, I have enjoyed, even if I do tend to shriek when I lose my balance, or laugh hysterically at some of the more (riDICulously difficult) moves Tony expects you to do, or pause for 5 minutes to do Shakespeare monologues before I go back to crazy TonyHorton lunges, or yell “No way. No WAY!!!” at – again – some riDICulously difficult move, which causes immediate muscle failure.

So that’s life, in a nutshell. I shall try to keep you updated on how P90X is going this time ’round, and what’s up in general. The word of the year in our apartment is “CONQUER”. There are 3 of us ladies trying to make things happen in our lives and careers in this apartment and we are :>) There is also a guy, but we haven’t seen hide or hair of him all week, because he’s in school and still away on break. Weiwd. 

And now, my friends, I leave you with my new motto – “YOU.MUST.BURN.” I have no shame in getting my new fav phrase from a Dinobot. Follow link below for details ;>) Worth it!


One Response to “It’s 2012, already?! whoa.”

  1. Sarah said

    Thank you for the recap…you had a packed year, and this will help me recall when I am thinking, “Wasn’t Abbie just in….?”

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